Bigott is a Spanish artist whose musical career already includes 7 albums. His debut in 2006 “That sentiemtal Sandwich” sneaked, almost without any promotion, in the lists of the bests LPs of the year. In 2007 he releases “what a lovely day today” and he keeps
the pace of an album per year with “Fin”, “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, “The Orinal Soundtrack”, “Blue Jeans” and his last work “Pavement Tree” (2014), the born of all of which has been praised by the national media. 

Variety of styles is a defining feature of all Bigott’s discography. He is hard to classify, both as an artist and, even more, as a person. A passionate fellow, with a sort of enfant terrible attitude, he despises conventionalisms and faces both interviews and live performances with the same approach: he does as he feels… and it works. 

His pinnacle albums so far are “Fin”, which comprises a remarkable variety of fresh and touching melodies, “The Orinal Soundtrack” which features the single “Cannibal dinner” which
boosted his popularity and was listed in most of the highlight selections of the year; and his last work, “Pavement Tree”, produced by the American musician Jeremy Jay, a rather introspective album with a dark romantic flavor, which again reveals a new angle of this unclassifiable prolific artist.